Dynacloud is an Industrial IoT company that provides solutions integrating Edge Devices, Cloud and Artificial Intelligence.

What we offer

We provide integrated solutions for cloud-based IoT services, offering companies a customized service and support to gather data, monitor equipment and help you to reduce your company costs. 

Dynacloud team is composed by experts in Cloud, IoT, AI and Oil and Gas to provide the best solutions to the clients’ needs, such as artificial lift optimization, diagnostics and surveillance in the Oil and Gas industry,


Our vision

Our vision is to transform dumb iron into smart iron. We want to help you easily understand the health of your equipment and efficiently optimize it by using Artificial Intelligence.

Our team

We believe the path to innovation is made by people and technology together. Dynacloud’s staff is composed by qualified people who are willing to take this journey alongside your business. 


Jaime Hecht

Chief Executive Officer


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Pedro Borges

Chief Data Scientist


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